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Pre-Orders and Missing the Point

Buying a new game, especially a AAA title these days is a pretty harrowing experience. Once upon a time, if there was a game coming out you wanted beyond all else in life, the game came out, then you bought it, everyone lived happily ever after. Jump forward a few

Games that stand the test of time

Of late, despite all the hype over the release of the two new games consoles from Sony and Microsoft, I have found myself going back to older games and re-experiencing titles I’ve already finished. It’s pretty common to spend as much time looking back as you do looking forward, especially

Why I still love Pokémon

It’s getting to the point where I have been walking around on this planet for a long ass time, and in spite of the leaps and bounds I’ve made toward the elusive feeling of ‘adulthood’, I can’t help but squirm in excitement over the release of a new Pokémon game.