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Tomodachi Life Review

Apologies for the lack of updates this week, but it’s been all go round here. I’ve just returned from a short holiday to Hawaii, with the singer Morrissey. When I got back, I was straight onto the stage at the local concert hall to entertain the neighbours with my own opera. This was all rather

Bit Boy!! Arcade Review

Bit Boy!! Arcade is an example of how having the best of intentions does not result in a good videogame. Bit Boy!! Arcade is a difficult game to review. This may come across as an odd statement, but the problem with Bit Boy!! Arcade is that as a sum of

Monument Valley Review

M.C. Escher’s artworks of impossible constructions have long provided inspiration for game developers. Sony’s Echochrome titles for PlayStation 3 and PSP took a direct lead from his work, as did 2013’s The Bridge. Escher’s influence can be seen in everything from blockbuster movies, such as Inception, to a 1982 Doctor Who story that