With the Wii U going through something of a game drought what are you supposed to play until Pikmin 3 arrives?

Pixel Escape started life at LeedsHack, going from idea to playable game in 24 hours.

Although E3 was predominantly seen as a battle between Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo still had plenty of work to do in creating some momentum for the Wii U, and...

Realizing that we are playing someone else’s story is not always the easiest thing to accept.

How do you explain a game like Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

Although most eyes were on Sony and Microsoft's new consoles at E3, Nintendo also had a point to make in reminding everyone why they should care about the Wii...

After weeks of confusion, anger and disbelief, Microsoft has played its hand.

Arriving a year after the Japanese edition, the Western release Hyrule Historia is an impressively weighty tome.

The nervous humming, the twitch of a curtain, a flurry of panic as a ghost appears, and then the mad cap pursuit that ensues. Luigi is back.

Of all the criticisms directed at Microsoft's Xbox One event, the heavy-handed focus on Call of Duty: Ghosts was one of the most widely reported and ridiculed.