Nintendo has released details of four new Fire Emblem games heading to mobile, 3DS and the Nintendo Switch.

Electronic Arts have announced that EA Play will be returning to Los Angeles in June 2017.

Those cheap Breath of the Wild pre-orders are from Amazon UK, by the way. It's still full price in the US. Sorry.

The Xbox One free Watch Dogs 2 demo will also launch in a week's time.

Benjamin Rivers' existential sci-fi adventure game, Alone With You, is getting a PC release next month.

Nintendo has announced that a new Nintendo Direct, focused on the Fire Emblem series, will be broadcast on the 18th January.

Geeks-Line Publishing continues to document the history of game consoles with the Neo Geo Anthology.

You're going to want this Breath of the Wild Zelda Amiibo. It's lovely.

It's a time of great change among Japan's most 'unique' videogame creators.

There's a small but surprisingly decent line-up of games coming to the Nintendo eShop this week.