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We’re celebrating Ten Years of the Nintendo DS

This November marks ten years since the Nintendo DS was launched in the US. We’re going to celebrate the anniversary and we want your help. The DS was pitched as Nintendo’s ‘third-pillar’, a curious device with two screens and a stylus input that would sit alongside the Gamecube and GBA. Many thought the system

Nintendo’s Overlooked Online Innovations

For the last 10 years the narrative has been that Nintendo ‘doesn’t get’ online. Certainly, if you compare their endeavours in online multiplayer with those of Sony and Microsoft, there isn’t an argument to counter that assertion. However, there is an argument that in their own peculiar way, Nintendo has often been forward thinking

Tomodachi Life Review

Apologies for the lack of updates this week, but it’s been all go round here. I’ve just returned from a short holiday to Hawaii, with the singer Morrissey. When I got back, I was straight onto the stage at the local concert hall to entertain the neighbours with my own opera. This was all rather