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Goodbye Game Manuals

I can remember very clearly when I was younger going with my family to the shops on the weekends. Invariably I would end up in one game shop or another and more often than not I would leave with something. I would spend the drive home reading the game manual

Grand Theft Auto V Review: Part 1

Grand Theft Auto V is an expansive game with a broad canvas and a seemingly endless array of pleasures. Yet, it’s also a game built on small, personal moments. Every player’s experience will be different, and every player will have their own stories to tell. With this in mind we have

Franchise Wars: Episode 2 – Reckless Reboots

When it comes to video game franchises only a trilogy can provoke both the same en-mass mutiny from fans and blank indifference from prospective new gamers as a reboot can. With a growing katamari ball of impossible-to-please fans, developers and their devil incarnate CEO execs are consistently reviving brutally sodomised