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Here's the complete list – as it currently stands – of The Elder Scrolls games ranked, from worst to best.

Can too much choice ever be a bad thing?

We look back at the history of role-playing – prepare for ‘wizard’s sleeve’ and ‘whipping out your broadsword’ jokes – you have been warned...

When stepping into one of the many taverns and inns in Skyrim, all I want for my protagonist is to retire to a comfortable corner of the room.

TWO AND A HALF HOURS is all it took to convince me that Bethesda kept its promises with The Elder Scrolls Online...

I can remember very clearly when I was younger going with my family to the shops on the weekends.

And we're back. Part four is here, and I know you're excited to see what game will be entering our game of the generation list today.

A new day, and a new game to add to our games of the generation list, which so far contains, Dishonored, and, Super Mario Galaxy 2.