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Do not underestimate the power of PlayStation.

Recently Daniel did a round-up of some of the best special edition controllers of all time. There were a few absolute stinkers in there, but largely there were also some beautiful and functional peripherals.

While we’re not entirely on-board with spending £120/$180 on an Xbox One Elite Controller, Sony’s latest offering – the PlayStation 20th Anniversary DUALSHOCK 4 controller – seems a bit more realistic.

Sure, it doesn’t sport any additional fancy features over and above the standard-issue PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller – the Xbox One Elite features adjustable trigger release points and on-board button mapping memory – but it’s also not three times the price of standard issue.

The 20th Anniversary DUALSHOCK 4 is exactly the same price as the standard-issue PS4 DUALSHOCK controller. Well, exactly the same as the RRP, at any rate – available discounts may vary.

Plus, the 20th Anniversary DUALSHOCK 4 controller looks really damn cool.

20th Anniversary DUALSSHOCK 4

There’s just something lovely and comforting about that matte grey colour-scheme, and it’s a genuine delight to see the original PlayStation logo on the controller’s main button. Everything else is the same – you’ve still got the funky touch pad, speakers and sockets, and of course the ethereal blue light – you just get to feel like you’re playing with an old friend again.

As part of their marketing shtick for the 20th Anniversary, Sony are pushing the hashtag #20YearsOfPlay, but we’re far more impressed with the animated GIF they produced for the 20th Anniversary DUALSHOCK 4 controller:

Sony 20th Anniversary DUALSHOCK 4 animated GIF

The nostalgia of the 20th Anniversary DUALSHOCK 4 controller GIF has sent a few little tingles down our spine, and ‘the port-switching Solid Snakes’ brought a massive smile to our faces here at Thumbsticks towers.

Well played, Sony marketing department. Well played.

Pick up the 20th Anniversary DUALSHOCK 4 controller from Amazon now.

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