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Relive the early years of 3D gaming with the PlayStation Anthology

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PlayStation Anthology is the latest addition to Geeks-Line Publishing’s excellent range of video game books.

Is it official? Can we start calling the original PlayStation retro now? We think so, even though the mid-nineties only feels like yesterday for most of the Thumbsticks team.

If you feel all nostalgic for the formative years of 3D gaming, check out PlayStation Anthology, the latest release from Geeks-Line Publishing.

The new book charts the history of Sony’s first games console, from its development and prototyping, to its worldwide domination. It also serves as a comprehensively illustrated guide to the original PlayStation hardware, its landmark games, and its accessories.

The book includes 26 new interviews with industry figures who were there at the time, including Yūji Horii, Lorne Lanning, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Jason Rubin, Ian Livingstone, but Suda51.

The hardback Collectors edition also includes an overview of all 4,500+ games that were released for the console.

We’ve yet to get our hands on the book, but we loved Geeks-Line’s Nintendo 64 Anthology, which is our go-to guide to Nintendo’s console of the same era, and a treasure box of memories and interesting trivia. Here’s hoping this is more of the same.

You can pick up the PlayStation Anthology now from the Geeks-Line website and Amazon.

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