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Take a trip back to 1987 with SEGA classic Thunder Blade, out now for 3DS (leg-warmers/shoulder pads/perms optional).

I used to love Thunder Blade on my SEGA Master System, primarily because it allowed me to live out my Airwolf/Blue Thunder fantasies from the comfort of my living room, but it was also a damn fine game in its own right. Ported from the arcade to home systems, it featured a mix of top-down action (which was common for the time) and also the relatively new (and terrifically exciting) third-person action – with 1987’s Thunder Blade and After Burner some of the earliest examples – that would later become common-place on titles like Star Fox and Rogue Squadron.

Thunder Blade has now been fully remastered for the Nintendo 3DS, and is available for download from the Nintendo eShop today. SEGA have an interesting blog/interview with its creators, which is worth a read too. It might’ve looked a bit old hat on a bigger screen, but it still looks pretty slick on Nintendo’s handheld, zipping in amongst buildings and trees, engaging other helicopters in the air, bombing tanks, and air craft carriers, and…

Sorry. I got a bit carried away in my own childhood memories there. Here’s a trailer for 3D Thunder Blade, in case you’re not quite as excited as I am:

Get to the chopper!

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