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Cosplay is often a bit creepy and weird; not so with this amazing Fallout cat!

Sometimes cosplay is very, very cool. More often than not, people have put a hell of a lot of time and effort into their costumes, so they can get noticed by others as cosplay events or the mighty Comic-Con. And very occasionally, there’s someone who does it not to get noticed – Scruffy from Futurama swept the floors for days, with very few people noticing he wasn’t a real janitor:

Scruffy cosplay

It certainly makes a change from anime girls with their boobs on parade. That teeny tiny armour bikini isn’t going to help you in real combat; go and buy yourself some steel plate, or a chainmail shirt. Anyway, I digress.

Once in a generation, though, a cosplay comes along so unifying and universally appealing, that it promises to unite the interwebs.

Somebody’s got a cosplaying Fallout cat

Fallout cat cosplay

Yes, that’s right, a Fallout cat, complete with vault jumpsuit and mini Pip-Boy.

Let’s allow that to sink in for a moment. The internet loves cats. And the world is abuzz with the impending release of Fallout 4. And somebody has combined the two to make a Fallout cat. I think our search for internet perfection may be over.

Give it up, everyone. It’s time to pack up and go home.

According to Robert House, Cat’s are extinct in the Wastes.
Vault Cat perseveres… traversing the harsh terrain and skirting the irradiated horrors in search of his own kind, so that once again the denziens of this warped world might know the joys of Caturday!

Vault cat, the cosplaying Fallout cat, is actually called Nak. She’s 12-years old, and often gets into full garb for renaissance fairs, so she’s clearly no stranger to dressing up or the attention that comes with it.

Fallout cat cosplay 2

And let’s face it: She’s freaking adorable!

I’m going to get my wife to break out the sewing machine while I start fashioning a mini Pip-Boy, though I don’t think my two cats will be quite so placid about it…

Thanks to VG247 for the tip!

Fallout Cat update:

Vault cat, the internet’s latest sensation – an actual Fallout cat – gets all patriotic for July 4 celebrations:

Fallout Cat July 4

Fallout Cat July 4 - 02

Loving the goggles, Vault Cat!

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