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The name sounds relatively self-explanatory, but just what is A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming?

A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming contains everything you need to know to dive headfirst into the wonderful, weird, amazing, heart-warming, thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, and at times loathsome culture and industry that make up the world of video games!

Right, well that clears that up!

A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming is a 724-page book that’s available to purchase now on Amazon, both for their popular Kindle e-Reader (where it runs closer to a thousand e-ink pages) and also in old-fashioned dead tree format.

Oliver Snyders, the author of A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming, had the following to say about his own credentials for writing the book:

Oliver has also done some valuable things… like learning about what makes video games tick by developing some of his own, selling games in a store, and writing about games professionally while visiting international events like E3 in Los Angeles and Gamescom in Germany to speak directly with the people who make games.

So there you go then. A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming is available now.

Buy A Gamer’s Guide to Gaming now from Amazon.

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