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All Walls Must Fall, the tech-noir tactics game from ex-Jager devs, comes out of Early Access today. Pun very much intended.

In case you hadn’t noticed, All Walls Must Fall is super gay.

The time-travelling tech-noir tactics game, predominantly set in the Berlin gay clubbing scene in a world where the Cold War never ended, wears its influences – techno music and tactical espionage games like Syndicate – on its sleeve.

It’s also rather good. When James played the pre-release version of the game last summer, he was impressed with its evocative setting and intriguing time manipulation mechanics. And now, after a relatively short stint in Steam’s Early Access programme, All Walls Must Fall is coming out.

Literally. Pun intended. The launch trailer is actually called the COMING OUT trailer in the press release we just received. Yes, with the capitals for emphasis.

To celebrate its coming out party, All Walls Must Fall also receives a permanent price cut on Steam – a real rarity for the price to go down when a game leaves Early Access. The base price of the game is down from 14.99€ / US$14.99 to 9.99€ / US$9.99 (around £7.20, depending on Brexit’s current impact on the UK economy).

And for a limited time, to further celebrate All Walls Must Fall’s coming out, there’s an additional 30% discount on the Steam store. This brings the game down a fraction over a fiver, which is an absolute bargain.

There’s also a bundle which includes the game’s thumping techno soundtrack, if you like that sort of thing.

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