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So you want a physical copy of Doom – rather than a digital download – but you still want to be playing it in the early hours of its release day, May 13?

Amazon are offering Doom midnight delivery to Prime Now users who live in (select postcodes) in the following areas:

  • London
  • Surrey
  • Berkshire
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Newcastle
  • Portsmouth

So how does Amazon’s Doom midnight delivery work? Well if you’ve already pre-ordered your copy of Doom, then tough: you’re not eligible (though you could always cancel and re-order).

If however you’re an Amazon Prime member – which already offers free next-day delivery, and access to their streaming library – and extend your membership to the Amazon Prime Now, you can place an order for Doom midnight delivery (via the Amazon Prime Now app) between 22:00 and 23:45 on 12 May*, and Amazon will endeavour to get it out to you before 02:00 on May 13**.

Because you know, you’ve already stayed up that late; why not play some Doom and not sleep for a few nights more?

Oh, and if you’re placing your first order via Prime Now and it’s over £30 (which Doom most certainly is) then you can get £10 off with the voucher code 30PRIMENOW. You’re welcome.

Sign up for Amazon Prime free trial for 30 days without obligation (then rinse it for as many free benefits as possible, then totally cancel it before the charging kicks in – we’re not here to judge).

*Don’t ask us why you can’t order it in advance, because we really don’t know. Amazon hate sleep?

**Your mileage may vary, delivery times are only guidelines etc.

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  1. Wish I’d read this a few days ago.. right now I’m constantly checking to see if the mailman’s been!

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