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This American Truck Simulator launch trailer is weirdly grandiose

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It also seems to have a peculiar fixation with eggs.

Remember the first time you saw Densha de Go! – the Japanese arcade smash-hit train simulator that you could buy with a lifelike train throttle controller – and thought it was a bit of an odd duck, perhaps a step too far in the simulation genre?

From these inauspicious beginnings the niche simulator has actually grown into a startlingly successful sub-genre, and we frequently see good traffic through some news pieces we ran about the Farming Simulator series – I recall seeing a tweet from a farmer who was so excited it was coming out on PS Vita, so that he could finally farm virtually while actually farming in his real tractor – so there’s clearly a market for these mundane real-world job games.

yard work simulator - the Simpsons

American Truck Simulator – based on the already popular and strangely enjoyable Euro Truck Simulator – is coming to Steam tomorrow, resplendent in graphical updates and the great American driving experience. To mark this momentous occasion they’ve released an earnest little trailer, centred around driving across country, working your way up through the ranks (sports-simulator style) and eating a lot of eggs.

American Truck Simulator actually looks like it could be a lot of fun, and is a welcome addition to this most peculiar of genres, but secretly? We’re holding out for them to build an Ice Road Truckers DLC.

American Truck Simulator is available from Steam on February 2, 2016.

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