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Wintory created a multi-layered orchestral score featuring the Dallas Winds orchestra plus a trio of YouTube soloists, including vocalists Malukah and Peter Hollens, and violinist Taylor Davis.

Alex Thomas, a developer on The Banner Saga, had assumed the game’s soundtrack would be produced in-house, but Wintory’s involvement elevated the importance of music in the final product.

“When Austin got involved, what had begun as a side note changed to an integral part of the storytelling.” said Thomas. “He understands game design, programming and technical implementation, and he makes music that is part of the game instead of sitting on top. There aren’t many writers, designers and composers who are able or willing to work at that capacity.”

Last year Wintory was Grammy nominated for his score to the video game Journey and also provided the evocative soundtrack to indie crime caper, Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine.

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