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Black Friday can be a bit of information overload. We’re here to help you sort out the best deals and stores.

[Post Updated 17 November, 2016, 20:15 GMT]

Ah, Thanksgiving. That most sacred of American holidays, when everyone gathers together to be thankful – mostly that they’ve not been trampled in a Black Friday stampede outside Best Buy at four in the morning.

It can be hard to know where to begin, though, especially for those of us in the UK who are still relatively new to the annual supermarket scrummage. Those scenes of chaos and fighting over discounted televisions from a few years ago have been burned into everyone’s memory; not least because people were literally punching each other over some really terrible tellies.

Luckily Thumbsticks are here to help guide you to the best Black Friday gaming deals in 2016, both at home in the UK, and in the home of the madness, the United States.

Best Black Friday gaming deals 2016 – UK

Current Sales

Upcoming Sales

  • Game – In 2015 the nation’s largest video game retailer had a sort of advent calendar of deals, trying to spread out the Black Friday madness over a fortnight. This year, their website is still showing the 2015 Black Friday page. We’ll let you know when they get their act together.
  • Tesco – Britain’s biggest supermarket, the bricks and mortar equivalent of Amazon, kick off their Black Friday sales on Monday 21 November, 2016, at 09:00.
  • John Lewis – The rather lovely department store haven’t kicked off their own Black Friday sales yet, but as part of their ‘never knowingly undersold’ promise they will match any other high street or online offers; yes, including other retailers’ Black Friday deals. Good to know.
  • Curry’s/PC World – The nation’s largest electrical retailer are being very restrained, not starting their Black Friday sales until 25 November, 2016. They’re usually good for tellies, sound systems, consoles and laptops.
  • Argos – Argos are following Curry’s lead, and won’t be kicking off their Black Friday sales until 25 November, 2016. They usually have other deals available and their fast track collection service is handy.
  • Nintendo – The Ninty eShop is being very secretive about their Black Friday sales. You can sign up for a newsletter for deal announcements, though.
  • Asda – Ironically, being owned by the American Walmart brand, Asda cancelled last year’s Black Friday sales and it looks like they’re heading down the same road for 2016.

Best Black Friday gaming deals 2016 – US

Current Sales

Upcoming Sales

  • Walmart – Walmart are pretty old-fashioned as retailers go, with many stores in control of their own Black Friday destiny, the best place to find your nearby deals will be in the local newspapers. Here’s some general online guidance, though.
  • Best Buy – This major electrical retailer are offering previews of their Black Friday deals. If you follow the link to their Black Friday advert, you’ll see the deals closest to you.
  • Target – Much like Best Buy, Target are offering an online preview, but you’ll need to follow the link to their Black Friday advert to turn up the deals closest to you.
  • Gamestop – America’s largest video game retailer is also following the printed advertisement route, but a series of scans of their Black Friday adverts have found their way online. Doors open at 5am on November 25, but it looks like you’ll be able to shop online all day on Thanksgiving itself.

We’ll be updating this article periodically over the next two weeks. Have we missed anything? Seen a great Black Friday gaming deal? Let us know in the comments section below and we might feature it in the list.

Header image source: YouTube.

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