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Doom is coming on May 15, 2016. There’s also a collector’s edition, if you really want a hideous 12″ revenant demon statue in your house.

Do you like demons? Do you like shooting demons with big guns? Do you like chopping them into bits with a chainsaw? Do you like ripping off their appendages, and then murdering them in an explicit fashion with said appendages? You do? Well then Doom is the game for you (and you’re probably in need of some serious psychiatric help).

The newest iteration in the franchise – it’s not Doom 4, and id Software will be upset if you call it that – has been in development for a long time, having first been officially announced in 2008. It was then thought to have been mothballed for a time after ZeniMax Media bought id Software in 2009… but ZeniMax also owns Bethesda and Doom publishing duties were handed to the Fallout giants, with id Software continuing on the project as the core development team.

Now, after impressive showings at both E3 and Quakecon, Doom’s release is nearly upon us. It promises to be violent, gory, and above all, lightning fast – just like it should be – and will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

There’s also a Doom Collector’s Edition, which comes in a natty steel case and also includes a 12″ revenant statue. Which is nice, I guess, if you like that sort of thing. I sure as hell don’t want one in my living room – and my wife wouldn’t let me, even if I did – but if that’s what you’re into then you might want to check it out.

You can pre-order Doom from Amazon now.

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