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The big collection of Final Fantasy XV screenshots

Here’s a collection of 93 (yes, ninety three) Final Fantasy XV screenshots (because it’s easier to have them all in one place).



Final Fantasy XV screenshots 21

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for a long time, beginning its life as a further extension to the Final Fantasy XIII story before branching out into its own project, and that time is drawing to a close.

The most recent Active Time Report on Final Fantasy XV – roughly Square Enix’s equivalent of a Nintendo Direct – unveiled a new character, an as-yet unseen stealth system and a lot of new battle footage, including the very cool cut the fuel lines/use a fire spell technique of taking down some hulking Magitek armour. Whether the new action-based combat will be welcomed by series veterans remains to be seen, but some of the elements – including the Metal Gear Solid-esque stealth mechanics and jumping onto a machine gun turret, not to mention the aforementioned fuel/fire take-down – look rather exciting.

But more important than all of that, was some actual news on Final Fantasy XV’s release date: Unfortunately, it wasn’t the release date itself – which is still simply slated for ‘2016’ – but we do now know that the Final Fantasy XV release announcement will be coming on March 30, 2016. There may also be an Episode Duscae-style playable demo coming before the big release, but more details of that are expected to follow in March.


With release news imminent, this seemed like a perfect time to admire some of the beautiful artwork and visuals for Final Fantasy XV, but there’s a lot of it; this calls for our big collection of Final Fantasy XV screenshots, in no particular order:


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