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Final Fantasy XV has been in development for a long time, beginning its life as a further extension to the Final Fantasy XIII story before branching out into its own project, and that time is drawing to a close.

The most recent Active Time Report on Final Fantasy XV – roughly Square Enix’s equivalent of a Nintendo Direct – unveiled a new character, an as-yet unseen stealth system and a lot of new battle footage, including the very cool cut the fuel lines/use a fire spell technique of taking down some hulking Magitek armour. Whether the new action-based combat will be welcomed by series veterans remains to be seen, but some of the elements – including the Metal Gear Solid-esque stealth mechanics and jumping onto a machine gun turret, not to mention the aforementioned fuel/fire take-down – look rather exciting.

But more important than all of that, was some actual news on Final Fantasy XV’s release date: Unfortunately, it wasn’t the release date itself – which is still simply slated for ‘2016’ – but we do now know that the Final Fantasy XV release announcement will be coming on March 30, 2016. There may also be an Episode Duscae-style playable demo coming before the big release, but more details of that are expected to follow in March.

With release news imminent, this seemed like a perfect time to admire some of the beautiful artwork and visuals for Final Fantasy XV, but there’s a lot of it; this calls for our big collection of Final Fantasy XV screenshots, in no particular order:

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