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It’s with a mix of emotions that we greet the new Fallout 4: Nuka World trailer. On the one hand, yay! New Fallout 4 DLC! But on the other hand, Nuka World also marks the end of a wild ride, being the last of the scheduled Fallout 4 downloadable content.

There’s been a new Nuka World trailer released today, which in the greatest of Fallout tradition doesn’t show any gameplay footage or in any meaningful way represent the game at all, but still manages to fit in seamlessly with the fiction of the Fallout universe. Much like the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. videos that formed a large part of the Fallout 4 pre-amble, the Nuka World trailer – featuring Disney-esque cartoon characters Bottle and Cappy – is cutesy animation that still manages to maintain the series’ dark, comic edge.

Does the Nuka World trailer tell us anything more about the environment we’re going to run into, in the final Fallout 4 DLC? Not really, no. But what it does do, is put a smile on your face as we stride knowingly towards the end of the Fallout 4 experience.

Time to get cracking on The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda.

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