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Buoyed by massive success on download platforms like Steam, Cities Skylines builds a presence in retail stores.

Cities Skylines is the best city building simulator since Sim City ate its own tail and violently exploded under the weight of always-on internet connectivity that didn’t benefit the gameplay.

Let’s not turn this into a rant on why Sim City isn’t great anymore, there have been enough of those.

Cities Skylines was something of a shock success when it blew up on Steam earlier this year, and we suspect even its developer Paradox Interactive were a little surprised at just how well it did, and how quickly it did it.

It has a lot going for it, though. A great idea, executed well. A hole in players worlds, left by a fallen peer. And the potential for a community to get behind it – and get behind it they did.

A big part in Cities Skylines success was the platform it was released on, Steam, and the community that comes with it. Not to mention the modders – everybody loves a sandbox, and Cities Skylines makes for a very good sandbox.

And now, having been a fledgling in the Steam next, Cities Skylines is taking flight into US retail stores as of today. It’s good to see another of gaming’s underdog success stories doing so well.

Pick up Cities Skylines from Amazon now.

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