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Classic Final Fantasy titles available for Amazon Fire TV

Pick up Final Fantasy III – VI at an introductory discount for the Amazon Fire TV.



Amazon Fire TV

Pick up Final Fantasy III – VI at an introductory discount for the Amazon Fire TV.

The Amazon Fire TV hasn’t exactly been setting the world alight when it comes to gaming. To be fair, that’s not entirely what it was designed for, but unless you want to just play Angry Birds on a bigger screen you’re probably better plumping for something like an NVIDIA Shield Console – essentially an Android TV box with a controller, like the Amazon Fire TV – that comes with NVIDIA GameStream support.

That could all change if the Amazon Fire TV platform gets support from publishers though, and they don’t come much bigger than Square Enix… but it’s not a new game. Don’t get carried away.


In their never-ending mission to re-release everything they ever made on every available platform, Square Enix have brought several classic Final Fantasy titles – from Final Fantasy III to Final Fantasy VI inclusive – onto the Amazon Fire TV.

They’re also currently available for an introductory offer of 50% off their RRP of £10.99/€14.49:

We can’t for the life of us tell you why Final Fantasy III is cheaper in Euro than all the others – literally no clue as to how that’s happened – but we can tell you the introductory offers run from tomorrow (October 29) through to November 5. Which is not long.

And even though the classic Final Fantasy titles are now showing their age, Final Fantasy VI is still a pretty essential play, and it did rather well on our list of the greatest role-playing games ever.


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