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Cosmochoria: a cross between Asteroids, Super Mario Galaxy and nude gardening. It’s exactly as trippy as it sounds.

Nude space-gardening simulator Cosmochoria is cute, it’s fun, and it’s liable to make you a bit dizzy. Created by Nate Schmidt, founder of Canadian studio 30/30 – usually more at home cooking up audio and video for games than the titles themselves – Cosmochoria is Schmidt’s debut release. It’s been available on Steam Early Access since September last year, and is getting its full release on Steam and the Humble Store today.

We thought about explaining it, but there are two far more straightforward ways of getting the feel of Cosmochoria across. Firstly, there’s the description of the game from Schmidt himself:

“A tiny naked cosmonaut must revive a dying galaxy one seed at a time.”

… right… OK then!

And secondly, we’ve got the super-cute trailer:

We’re not sure whether our naked friend should be more worried about burns from the jetpack or the endless cold of space on his exposed nipples. Either way, Cosmochoria is silly and fun in equal measure. Oh, and watch out for what you’re buying – the Steam Store page for Cosmochoria doesn’t switch over from the early access version to the release proper until around 9am PST (that’s 5pm GMT) today.

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