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Why not trade up your Adam Jensen to the latest model?

With Deus Ex, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal – or at least, their PR folk – have done a really stand out job of the ‘real’ propaganda for their fictional series. Sarif Industries is genuinely creepy and alarmingly realistic, to the point where British tabloid The Sun mistook it for a real company, and they’ve even gone to the effort of having the Sarif website ‘hacked’ as the Deus Ex world fights back against augmentation.

In the run-up to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the latest tidbit they’ve fed us is a video called Adam Jensen 2.0, a short teaser-crossed-with-gameplay-footage trailer that shows us some of Jensen’s new augmentations, set against the political backdrop of Mankind Divided.

This probably wasn’t supposed to be one of those real-world looking videos, but given everything else they put out, it’s kind of hard not to picture them as a car manufacturer trying to sell the world on why Adam Jensen 2.0 is better than the previous model and persuade them to stump up the cash for the upgrade…

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