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Devolver celebrates its 10th anniversary with a massive Steam sale

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69% off Genital Jousting. 69% off Genital Jousting. 69% off Genital Jousting. 69% off Genital Jousting.

Devolver Digital, one of our favourite purveyors of video game whimsy, has been on a roll recently. Pikuniku, Gris, Gato Roboto, Ape Out – all fantastic slices of stylish, laser-focused gaming.

Then, announced at their big fancy E3 2019 press conference, came the Devolver Bootleg collection. Celebrating 10 glorious years of Devolver, the bootleg is a bundle of brilliant, bonkers, half-baked demake parodies of Devolver’s own games, including Ape Out Jr., Enter the Gun Dungeon, and Hotline Milwaukee. (We’d play the hell out of a real, full-sized Hotline Milwaukee, truth be told.)

Celebrations don’t end with a weird party under inflatable domes and an appearance from Nina Struthers, however. Devolver is continuing its 10th birthday festivities with a Steam publisher sale, offering up to 90% off its range of games. Yes, including 69% off Genital Jousting.

Here are our picks from the big Devolver Digital Steam sale:

  • Ape Out – 40% off
  • Gris – 40% off
  • Pikuniku – 40% off
  • Gato Roboto – 30% off
  • Katana Zero – 30% off
  • The Swords of Ditto – 50% off
  • Devolver Bootleg – 25% off
  • Genital Jousting – 69% off
  • Gorn – 30% off
  • The Talos Principle – 80% (VR 50% off)
  • Enter the Gungeon – 50% off
  • Minit – 40% off
  • Hotline Miami – 75% off
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – 75% off
  • Reigns – 50% off
  • Reigns: Her Majesty – 50% off
  • Downwell – 50% off

And so many more besides.

The Devolver Digital publisher sale runs “this weekend,” though we’re not entirely sure when the sale closes. If you want to pick up some fantastic indie games as seriously steep discounts, then you might want to get on that sooner rather than later.

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