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Did you spot the Destiny’s Ghost Easter Egg in Game of Thrones?

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“It’s not easy being drunk all the time; everyone would do it if it were easy.”

Following the latest update, you’ll no longer be hearing Peter Dinklage’s polished tones as the voice of Destiny’s Ghost. Following criticism for what many have termed a stale and lacklustre portrayal – albeit of a hovering cuboid robotic tour-guide – Dinklebot has been replaced by video game voice over mainstay Nolan North.

People have been very quick to criticise Dinklage’s portrayal of Destiny’s Ghost, but let’s not forget that he’s a professional actor who will have been following direction. Perhaps Dinklebot was too lively and Bungie asked him to tone it down. Perhaps he was given the instruction of ‘sombre and somnolent’ when he arrived in the voice over booth on his first day.

But let’s not forget: If Bungie didn’t like the way Peter Dinklage had portrayed Destiny’s Ghost they could, nay, they would have asked him to do it differently. Better. Livelier. More to their direction.

So before everyone gets all up in arms about a poor performance from Dinklebot, think about under who’s direction he delivered that performance as Destiny’s Ghost – the exact same people who replaced him with Nolan North – and ask yourself the question: Is it more annoying to have a slightly lacklustre voice over, or one that inexplicably changes part way through the experience?

In any case, apparently not everyone hated the Dinklebot.

The makers of Peter Dinklage’s other moderately successful vehicle, HBO’s Game of Thrones, have deemed Destiny’s Ghost worthy of an inclusion in the series – albeit as a minor Easter Egg.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these screen captures from Season 5, Episode 2, which sees Tyrion on the road to Meereen with Varys:

A word of warning if you do choose to look up a video of the original scene, though: The language is filthy!

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