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The Dirt Rally PSVR update also includes an innovative new co-driver mode.

Our experience of VR racing games hasn’t been fantastic thus far, to be honest. Aside from the need for a sick bucket at every turn, Dan also managed to hit his head on a shelf when sticking his head out the car window like a dog (though perhaps that says more about him than VR racing games).

The Dirt Rally PSVR update then, which launches today for PS4 and PS4 Pro, carries with it an expectation of motion sickness. We’ve not played it yet, so we’ll let you know how we get on with that.

There are two aspects to the Dirt Rally PSVR update that really appeal, though:

  1. It’s the full game. This isn’t a collection of minigames or some sort of experimental tech demo. This is the whole of Dirt Rally – a great racing game in its own right – that you can now enjoy in virtual reality.
  2. It’s one of the few single-player virtual reality games that allows a spectator to get involved. The genius new co-driver mode allows a second player to navigate for the driver, just like in real life.

The co-op co-driver mode is a brilliant addition. Yes, you could always have a second player shouting turn calls at the headset-wearing fool anyway, but giving them access to on-screen controls and some meta-game mechanics to get involved in will really bring the second player into the action.

The Dirt Rally PSVR co-driver mode is like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes then, except instead of dying in a fireball from an incorrectly-diffused bomb, you’ll die in a fireball as you wrap your Ford Fiesta round a pine tree. To each their own.

The Dirt Rally PSVR update is available as a £9.99 DLC upgrade for existing owners, or as a complete package – the snappily-named Dirt Rally Plus PlayStation VR Bundle, if you were wondering – for new players, priced at £39.99.

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