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We reported a couple of days ago on the queues forming in Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft’s persistently connected online shooter with designs on taking Destiny’s crown as the number one time vampire for gamers in 2016.

The queues in The Division were as a result of the game’s prologue section requiring users to ‘check in’ at a laptop on a table in the first safe house the player comes across, which unfortunately, everyone else was trying to do at exactly the same time. This led to jostling, bickering and all round online gaming douchebaggery; until common sense prevailed and players began sensibly queuing to overcome this little obstacle.

The Division disappeared offline for a short time yesterday, and upon its return a shiny new patch was installed, that Ubisoft Community Developer Yannick described as fixing a few issues, including:

Fixed the Brooklyn safe house activation issue: Players no longer need to interact with the laptop to complete their activation

That doesn’t appear to be the full extent of bugs in the game sorted – the forums are still awash with people grumbling of various niggles and issues – but it certainly looks as though The Division queues patch has been rushed through as a serious priority. It was, after all, quite embarrassing to stumble into such a fundamental issue so early in the game.

That being said, The Division queues patch has probably just dialled down the realism for British gamers. We really are in a foreign land now, folks.

The Division is available to buy from Amazon.

Header image source: Redditor joshhubi

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