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Double Fine Productions, developer and publisher of Brutal Legend and Broken Age, has regained publishing rights for the Iron Brigade intellectual property.

Originally published by Microsoft Studios in 2011, Iron Brigade won praise for its mix of tower defence and mech shooter gameplay

To mark the occasion Double Fine is releasing an update to the Steam version of the game. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, the original matchmaking system has been removed and replaced with matchmaking via Steam.

“The great thing about this change is that now there are no obstacles to us creating the best possible experience for players,” said the game’s creator, Brad Muir. “We have fixed all known issues as well as provided a great matchmaking experience for multiplayer. Vlad and his Monovision Menace are on the move again! In the best possible way!”

The Iron Brigade update is now available for PC.  The game is also receiving an 80% discount, making it a mere £2.19.

Source: Double Fine PR

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