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Blimey, Silence is pretty.

In a world that’s moving away from the traditional point and click adventure, between Until Dawn‘s hyper-cinematic presentation and Telltale’s action-packed implementations, Silence is a little slice of tradition. Set in the titular realm between life and death, young protagonist Noah delves deeper into the once-peaceful realm of Silence – now besieged by monsters – to rescue his little sister, Renie.

It’s a beautiful combination of hand-painted static backgrounds and wonderfully-animated 3D characters, and visually it looks every bit how classic Final Fantasy games – like VII and IX – would look if made today, if Square Enix would only give up with that hands off action nonsense.

And now, if you’re not sure what to expect or aren’t convinced by what you’re seen in the launch trailer above, there’s a free Silence demo available to download for PC, via the Steam platform. Unfortunately there’s no PS4 or Xbox One demo available, and while the game is also going to be released for Mac and Linux, only the Windows PC platform gets its hands on the Silence demo.

The full game launches on November 15, 2016. That’s tomorrow – perhaps releasing the Silence demo a little sooner would have been nice. Still, developer Daedelic have a good track record in the adventure genre, so we’ll trust that they know what they’re doing.

Download the Silence demo – or purchase the game in a day’s time – from Steam.

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