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The Mad Max: Eye of the Storm trailer from E3 2015 feels strangely familiar…

I’ve watched the Mad Max: Eye of the Storm trailer a few times today. It didn’t really catch my eye at the time, given some of the other exciting things that we’re happening at E3 2015 this week (Fallout 4, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy VII Remake et al) but on reflection, it definitely deserves a watch.

It captures the essence of the new Mad Max movie (Fury Road) rather well, and is definitely of the bombastic modern era Mad Max, rather than the Mel Gibson originals. You won’t find any Tina Turner/Thunderdome action here, then. Chief antagonist is the delightfully named Scrotus – leader of the vicious, sadistic War Boys – your archetypal wasteland savages; psychotic, human pack-animals that make up the enemy forces of any (and every) post-apocalyptic romp.

The Mad Max: Eye of the Storm trailer is clearly deadly serious, and it’s angry and violent in a Christopher-Nolan-on-an-unusually-dark-day way, but once you get a glimpse of Scrotus’ quite remarkable phallic codpiece, it’s hard not to titter at least a little. Once that sets in, you’ve lost it – the grim mood is well and truly shattered – and it’s then no big stretch for gamers to notice that the Mad Max: Eye of the Storm trailer is somewhat… familiar…

Yes, the bulk of the action from the new Mad Max: Eye of the Storm trailer is essentially the anarchic bandit-and-psycho-car-pool middle segment of the epic cinematic intro from Borderlands 2. Just without the glorious sense of fun. Except for Scrotus’ codpiece – that’s hilarious all round.

Cannot. Be. Unseen.

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  1. You mean a game based off a 35 year old movie franchise looks like another video game that was heavily influenced from that same 35 year old movie franchise? And you’re surprised by this? Lol.

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