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New season of DLC begins as Elite Dangerous: Horizons comes to Xbox One.

Maybe DLC is not the right term as Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a considerable upgrade to Frontier Developments’ space simulation and can be viewed as a game in its own right.

Horizons adds a number of new elements to the already vast game by extending gameplay with planetary surfaces to explore and giving players the opportunity to fight, scavenge and explore with the new Surface Recon Vehicle. On-surface exploits includes resource discovery, combat encounters, base raids, crash sites to explore, and the chance to co-operate with other players, both on the planet and in orbit.

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/OGLhkqk3UBc” autoplay=”no”]

Owners of Elite Dangerous: Horizons on PC and Xbox One will receive further expansions at no extra cost as the season continues and future gameplay updates will debut for PC and Xbox One simultaneously.

The Elite Dangerous: Horizons season pass for Xbox One is available digitally as an upgrade for existing players priced £19.99, or as part of the Xbox One Commander Deluxe edition for new players at £39.99.

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