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The musical chairs of Fortnite content are spinning again.

Forget the bouncy purple space cube for a moment. Just pretend that the universe isn’t fractured, with the net result being a Borg/The Colour Purple/trampoline crossover. Put that out of your mind? Good stuff.

Fortnite’s latest event, called High Stakes, has a heist thriller vibe to it, with some dapper 1960s costumes. It’s like a mashup between GTA V’s heists and the original Italian Job, and even has a limited-time mode called Getaway. That also means a bunch of skins and other cosmetic items, plus a raft of challenges, but there’s also an addition to the game’s weapon roster: the grappler.

Ostensibly the Fortnite grappling hook is a bit of a Wallace and Gromit version of Rico’s Just Cause grappler, with a big plunger sucker on the front rather than an actual pointy hook. That would suggest you can’t hurt someone with it, but that remains to be seen.

Gameplay-wise, it’s a similar notion to the jetpack, but obviously, you’ll need buildings (or other bits of the environment) to grapple on to, to propel yourself upwards. It’s also slightly less prone to dick moves than the guided missile.

The Fortnite grappling hook will be available later this week, then the High Stakes event goes live.

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