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Ever see a complicated political situation – like the UK Referendum on membership of the EU – and wish you could have it explained to you in an easily-consumable, video game-themed animated GIF fashion? Never fear: the internet has your back!

Pokémon Brexit just makes it so much simpler.

If you want to extend the Pokémon Brexit metaphor even further, the European Union just wants to catch ’em all (European countries) but the Team Rocket of the piece (arch-racist Nigel Farage of UKIP, and an assortment of Tories including floppy-haired twat sandwich Boris Johnson and snivelling Pob-a-like Michael Gove) want to fuck everything up, because they’re generally jerks… and the bad guys never realise they’re actually the bad guys.


Next week, complex socio-economic principles explained using Harvest Moon.

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