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New Final Fantasy VII Remake cards released for Mobius Final Fantasy

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The Final Fantasy VII Remake event in Mobius Final Fantasy continues with the release of new limited-edition cards.

Square Enix’s popular mobile RPG, Mobius Final Fantasy, is continuing its celebration of all things FFVII with the release of a new range of collaboration cards. The new collection adds the Avalanche freedom fighters to the game, including Barret, Biggs, Cloud, plus the much-anticipated Aerith Supreme Card.

The RPG’s Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration cards give players access to a variety of abilities that compliment different strategies and play styles. The four new Fast Learner 4-star cards each have their own unique powers.

  • Barret: Inflicts area damage
  • Biggs: Weakens enemies
  • Cloud: A card that can grow up to five stars
  • Aerith: A limited time supreme card that grants power to warriors

Also introduced to the game is a new permanent addition to the card line-up, the new ‘Soldier 1st Class’ job. Square Enix have a released a new trailer to give an overview of the warrior-type legendary job, and its relaxed, almost lethargic, approach to combat.

Mobius Final Fantasy – which is free-to-play – has so far been downloaded over ten million times. The game is available to download now from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

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