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I’d like to take a vacation to Final Fantasy XV’s City of Altissia

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After three days in Los Angeles, Final Fantasy XV’s Altissia looks like the perfect getaway.

I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before and until yesterday I had no intention of doing so. Mostly it’s down to the number. XV? Much too daunting. Too much back story. Or so I assume.

However, yesterday I attended an E3 demo of Final Fantasy XV, presented by director Hajime Tabatam, and in the space of twenty minutes I was completely won over.

Final Fantasy XV - Tabata

The presentation focused on three elements that Tabata boldly insists will refresh the RPG genre. In a nutshell they boiled down to having a wide open world (yup, another one), new combat mechanics (which do look interesting) and a true sense of adventure and companionship with your party (now we’re talking).

But what really won me over was the design of the world. I’ve seen a lot of big open spaces this week and in the main they have either replicated the real world, like Watch_Dogs 2’s resplendently glorious San Francisco, or a wilderness of some kind, in Ghost Recon Wildlands or Horizon: Zero Dawn, for example.

In Final Fantasy XV we have world in which one location looks like the american mid-West, complete with diner and gas station, another like neo-Tokyo and – in Altissia – a city that’s a mash-up of Venice and The Phantom Menace’s Theed.

And just look how beautiful it is! The blend of the familiar and alien looks like nothing else I’ve seen in a game this week.

So, I’ll be buying Final Fantasy XV, and I’d really like to take long weekend in Altissia too.

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  1. “Mostly it’s down to the number. XV? Much too daunting. Too much back story. Or so I assume.” Each FF game 1 – 14 are their own separate stories, with different characters and worlds in each game, not one long, continuing story.

    1. Haha, we popped that in as a joke; partly to see if people were paying attention, but also because everyone looks at Dan like he’s a crazy person when he tells them he’s not played a Final Fantasy game before, and it’s fun to make up nonsensical reasons and see if they believe them 🙂

    2. I’ve been playing games for over twenty-five years and never really picked up on that. They need to do a better job at communicating it I think as, from a distance, the whole series looks extremely dense.

      That said, excited to be getting on board with this one!

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