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Firewatch gets four new teasers, as if we needed any more reasons to be excited

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Firewatch looks like it’s going to be something really special.

From the first time we caught a glimpse of that original concept art – the majestic lookout poster by Olly Moss – we knew that it was going to look astonishing. Much like Canadian survival epic The Long Dark, which also takes the Unity engine and applies a beautifully stylistic, almost hand-painted approach to a hyper-realistically dangerous frozen wilderness, Firewatch manages to tread the finest of lines, simultaneously looking almost exactly like the concept art and the real Wyoming wilderness at the same time. It’s a remarkable achievement.

Firewatch poster

If you’re wondering just how they do it, Campo Santo’s lead environment artist Jane Ng did a fantastically informative talk at last year’s GDC on the art of Firewatch, and we wrote a report on it. It’s really rather interesting.

Now, after almost two years of anticipation, drip-fed details and of course, drooling over imagery, it’s less than a week until Firewatch is upon us, and there are four new teaser videos to lead us into the release.

Teaser 1 – The June Fire

[youtube url=”” autoplay=”no”]

Teaser 2 – The Shale Slide

[youtube url=”” autoplay=”no”]

Teaser 3 – Trowel

[youtube url=”″ autoplay=”no”]

Teaser 4 – Ambience

[youtube url=”” autoplay=”no”]

There are of course other Firewatch videos out there, including the original GDC 2014 reveal trailer and a couple from 2015. There are also some rather excellent IGN First videos with developer commentary, but if you’ve gone this far without watching these videos then we heartily recommend you avoid them, as they play through the first 30 minutes or so of the game.

They’ve also updated the Firewatch website, and that layered parallax image is really something else.

Firewatch releases on February 9, 2016 on PS4 and Steam.

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