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Fallout 4 officially launches in around four hours in the UK. 

Bethesda announced it was available for pre-load yesterday, so you should be a good portion of the way into that download by now – server congestion and Xbox One download issues aside – but not everybody’s into the downloading thing; not for everything, at any rate.

Some people like to get their hands on a physical copy; partly because it gives you the option to trade in once you’re done, but mostly because a physical copy is just nice. If you’ve ordered online, then you’re at the whims of the retailers, the distributors, the couriers, and worst of all: the Royal Mail.

In the village I grew up in, the local postwoman would stop and stroke every single cat she met on her route. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats and I totally understand the overwhelming urge to befriend them all, but on a sunny day – when the prevalence of feline sunbathing was elevated – mail might only just arrive before your evening meal. She was a lovely lady, but I suspect she couldn’t care less about release day excitement; there were cats she needed to fuss over.

So that leaves you with retail. Which is fine, you can haul ass down to your local gaming outlet at 9am tomorrow morning when they open, but those night-owl pre-loaders have an unfair head-start. You could always try 24-hour supermarkets, but you’re guaranteed success if you head down to a retailer who’s planning a midnight launch event.

fem-Vault Dweller and Dogmeat

UK high-street video game retailer GAME will be holding exactly these kinds of Fallout 4 late-night opening events (at selected stores). The staff will be staying late, or heading home and coming back in, to ensure you can get your hands on Fallout 4 as early as possible.

Most GAME stores will actually open their Fallout 4 late-night opening event sometime between 10.30pm and midnight tonight, to allow people a little browsing time before the bombs drop the release window opens. There’s usually some fun events and contests on the table too, but will you please spare a thought for the poor staff, who are doing half a dozen of these over a three week period, in the current major release silly season.

Welcome Home, brave nocturnal GAME warriors.

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