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After three months of work GameXplain’s analysis of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild analysis is here, and it’s amazing.

We’ve known that GameXplain’s deep-dive of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s E3 reveal has been in the works for a while but I don’t think we expected something quite so detailed and entertaining.

The GameXplain team have sifted through the game’s E3 trailer, gameplay videos and all of Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse Live footage to compile a thoroughly comprehensive, frame-by-frame analysis that runs to just over two hours.

As always the team’s attention to detail is second-to-none as their beady eyes scrutinise every pixel. We won’t spoil any of the secrets but if you are in any way interested in Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii and NX adventure, it’s a must watch.


Check out GameXplain’s YouTube channel for more info.

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  1. Some great analysis and proper research indeed, even if there’s a tad too much silly speculation (raising and lowering entire in-game regions for puzzle solving is a bit far fetched). They also missed a handful of other musical allusions found throughout the footage released so far, but oh well. Definitely some of their most impressive work.

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