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Mad World? Microsoft just hit us right in the feels.

There’s only ten days to go until the Xbox One release of the fully remastered Gears Of War Ultimate Edition.

A few weeks ago, we did a video comparison of the opening sequence of the Gears Of War Ultimate Edition and the Xbox 360 original – you can check it out here – and it’s shaping up pretty nicely. Where values of nicely include death and destruction, giant arachnids and chainsaw gibs, obviously.

Now Microsoft have released the official Gears Of War Ultimate Edition launch trailer, and it’s hit us right in the feels. Why? Because it features the haunting Gary Jules version of Mad World.

Originally by Tears For Fears, the Jules’ ethereal re-working of Mad World found fame in the frankly remarkable exploration of fate and quantum mechanics dressed up as what looked like just another teen movie that is Donnie Darko, before making its way into the Gears Of War series.

Mad World might seem out of place in a game about giant space-marine types (with arms thicker than your average oak tree trunk) generally shooting, chainsawing and stamping aliens to death; but Gears Of War has a surprisingly grown up undercurrent of futility, death and sacrifice, once you scratch through the macho veneer and bombastic action.

Anybody who played the original Gears Of War trilogy to its completion just got a massive lump in their throat. Thanks for the feels, Microsoft.

Gears Of War Ultimate Edition is released on August 28, exclusively for Xbox One. Pre-order it from Amazon now.

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