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Getting in the GTA V spirit: Streamers have keys stolen by viewers

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GTA V streamers left dazed and confused by daring online heists, as unscrupulous viewers steal licence keys during the install process.

GTA V players will spend much of their time stealing things, it’s the nature of the game – it’s even right there in the title – Grand Theft Auto. Some of the viewers of live streams have been taking that ethos a little too literally, however, and have been stealing the PC licence keys for the game itself from those who’s stream they were watching.

Excitement for Rockstar’s latest offering is high following major delays to the PC release (and such is the need for the online dissection and documentation of every minor detail) that a number of live streamers were giddily streaming the installation process as the opening salvo to their GTA V live-stream experience. During this install process, the licence key that the user has input (that was starred out, during entry) flashes up momentarily on a splash screen, and that moment of opportunity was all it took for opportunistic thieves to swoop in and pilfer the hapless streamer’s legitimate copy.

Mr Boss posted this to Twitter after his GTA V key was half-inched:

Mr Boss's GTA V key was stolen


And it looks like there are more cases flooding in. It’s unclear at this stage whether there will be any recourse from Rockstar Games and in the interim, streamers who have been caught off-guard will likely have to purchase GTA V twice to resume streaming.

Live streamers, beware the all-seeing eye of the Life Invaders (and thanks to Kotaku for the original story).

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