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The ‘Glacier White PS4 Slim’ is actually now just a ‘Glacier White PS4’, as the smaller console has usurped its bigger, older brother.

A funny thing happened when the newer, smaller versions of the current generation of consoles came out.

The Xbox One, which in its original form looked like a lumpen mass of concrete and pig iron, was replaced by the frankly gorgeous Xbox One S. The smaller variant, in ‘Robot White’ with grey accents, is probably one of the best-looking consoles there has ever been. The original PS4 on the other hand, the better looking of the originals with its angular trapezoidal modernity, was replaced by the weirdly round and bubbly looking PS4 Slim, which looks decidedly cheap and naff in its original black plastic.

But now there’s a new PS4 Slim, only it’s not a PS4 Slim anymore – it’s just a PS4, as the original console has been sent for an early bath and well-earned retirement – and it comes in ‘Glacier White’.

There’s just something about the newly-announced white PS4, though. It looks prettier. Sleeker. More refined.

Glacier White PS4 vs black PS4 Slim

See? Like the Xbox One S, the Glacier White PS4 is just better.

The Glacier White PS4 will launch on January 24, 2016 in the UK and Europe. A Japanese release is slated a month later, on February 23, 2016. A wider “Asian” release is also expected, but Sony haven’t confirmed if that will tie in with the Japanese release of the Glacier White PS4 or occur on a different date.

There is, however, no word yet on when – if ever – the Glacier White PS4 will see a North American release. We’ll keep you posted when we hear more details from the press folk at Sony.

Still, we can all enjoy some more pretty pictures.

There’s also a Glacier White DualShock 4 and Glacier White PSVR headset. Ooh, shiny.

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