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Online game distributor GOG.com raised $1.9 million during its first ever online charity event.During the Charity Promo in November last year gamers were able to pick 3 or more games and donate $5 or more to one of three charities: WWF, Worldbuilders, and Gaming for Good. The DRM-free retailer offered titles  including FTL: Faster Than Light, The Whispered World, and Waking Mars.

Developers of the games available in the promotion also contributed by waiving any royalties for sales of their games. Developers taking part included Introversion, Subset Games,  Tiger Style Games, Amanita Design, Instant Kingdom, Northway Games, Digital Game Factory, Might & Delight, Daedalic, and Oddworld.

Games sales are hardly a new thing, with the likes of the Humble Bundle and Steam offering numerous titles at reduced prices, so it’s great to see both consumers and developers joining forces to support these good causes.

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