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Grapple with the Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition

Details of the Just Cause 3: Collector’s Edition have been announced. 



Just Cause 3

Details of the Just Cause 3: Collector’s Edition announced. 

As well as copy of the game, the Collector’s Edition also comes packed number of goodies including a faithfully recreated 15-inch display version of Rico’s trademark grappling hook. Make sure you read that correctly, it’s a ‘display’ version – you wouldn’t want to discover that the hard way.

The grappling hook was voted for by the Just Cause community, pulling in the most votes from a selection of replica options to earn its place.  Also included is a 24” x 24”poster map of the Mediterranean archipelago of Medici, and a 32-page hardcover art book. (Does 32 pages count as a book?)


Just Cause 3

It’s obviously not enough to just buy games anymore. We need stuff. Loads of stuff. Models, toys, books, replica models and soundtracks. And if it can be a ‘Limited Edition’, even better.

But just how limited is all this?

A quick browse on Amazon reveals a warehouse load of unsold Collector’s Editions, from The Order: 1886, to Batman:Arkham Knight and Tomb Raider.

When will the madness end? And where do I pre-order?

The Just Cause 3: Collector’s Edition is due for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1st 2015, priced at £79.99 for console and £69.99 on PC.

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