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Sony’s press conference this year was another to go down in the collective memory of video games. It was hard to imagine that Sony’s efforts from 2015 could be topped, let alone matched, but 2016 just managed to surpass that. In just under two hours Sony provided almost non-stop videos and gameplay demos, with only brief pauses for Shawn Layden (Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Chairman) to introduce the next major reveal/announcement, and to allow the audience to pick their jaw up from the floor.

It is difficult to fault Sony for the choices they made regarding what was shown during the press conference. Even though Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out the same month, the fact that a demo for it was going live now for everyone at home to play made it worthwhile, and made the audience feel a little bit more connected to what was taking place in Los Angeles.

However, some sacrifices were made. Any number of games could have been included, even Let It Die (it was first announced under this title during Sony’s 2014 E3 Press Conference). Sony’s first party titles were also unfortunate in their absence, such as the upcoming sequel to cult Vita game (and remastered on PS4) Gravity Rush. Admittedly there isn’t anything new to reveal about Gravity Rush 2 – no new features have been announced, and we still don’t have a fixed release date – just that it will supposedly come out at some point later this year.

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/OAXNQveHsG0″ autoplay=”no”]

What about the Gravity Rush 2 trailer itself? It does show off different types of enemies, providing more variety from the first game, but the first trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2015 also shows off these new mechanical enemies. Yet it does provide another glimpse into the unique world that the Gravity Rush games inhabit, and it appears to benefit from being developed for the PS4 rather than on Sony’s handheld. Gravity Rush is still a unique game amongst others in the action genre, and whilst the sequel doesn’t appear to detract too much from the original, given the extra power of the PS4 should allow for a bigger city for Kat to fly around and more people to populate it, adding to the liveliness of the overall game.

Hopefully we’ll be able to do so soon, without Gravity Rush 2 being lost to the glut of Winter releases.

While you wait for Gravity Rush 2 you can buy Gravity Rush Remastered from Amazon now.

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