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Hiroshi Kawaguchi’s Magical Sound Shower – from Out Run – is the next track in our series compiling the ultimate 100 track video game playlist.

The tracks we select are in no particular order and we only choose one piece from each game. This time it’s a classic Sega track from the arcades of the ’80s.

Track: Magical Sound Shower
Game: Out Run
Composer: Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Year: 1986

Magical Sound Shower from Sega’s 1986 arcade racer Out Run is an undisputed classic of video game composition.

Yu Suzuki’s game perfectly encompasses the perceived adolescent fantasies of the mid-80s, built on the aspirational desires of a Ferrari Testarossa, a clear blue sky, the open road and a cute girl in the passenger seat. It’s not subtle that’s for sure but – along with the impressive sit-down version of the arcade cabinet – Out Run was the ultimate in teenage wish-fulfilment. And an excellent racing game to boot.

Kawaguchi’s latino influenced soundtrack is a masterpiece throughout but the best tune is its first, Magical Sound Shower. For a start, it’s probably the most accurate name given to a piece of music since Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. It’s also a playful tease, toying with the listener by threatening to break for a full 45 seconds before kicking into an unforgettable riff.

This version is from the taken from the Out Run 20th Anniversary compilation CD.

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