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GTA V Online: Executives and Other Criminals released next week

Executives and Other Criminals comes to GTA V next week, brings with it new property, cars, and luxury yachts.



GTA V Online – Executives and Other Criminals

Executives and Other Criminals comes to GTA V next week, brings with it new property, cars, and luxury yachts.

The latest update to Grand Theft Auto V Online – Executives and Other Criminals – will be coming to all platforms on Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

Executives and Other Criminals brings with it the opportunity to live the high life, running in advanced social circles as a member of the Los Santos elite. The trailer promises swanky apartments and grand piles in the Vinewood hills, combined with a swathe of high-end motors and, best of all, luxury yachts – complete with bar, helipad, an entire working crew and a hot tub – perfect for living out those rap video fantasies.


It’s not all fun and games, though: Executives and Other Criminals requires you to work for your organisation, battling to the top and fighting tooth and nail to keep it there, in what appears to be a business-themed extension of the gang territories mechanic from the main game. But being a high-powered executive type, you’ve at least got the opportunity of hiring yourself a troop of body guards to defend yourself – and your business empire – against all-comers.

This being GTA V Online? We’re expecting Executives and Other Criminals to be as much about scrapping to keep your organisation on top, as it is enjoying the fruits of your labour on opulent yachts.

Pick up Grand Theft Auto V from Amazon to get access to GTA V Online, and the Executives and Other Criminals content.

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