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Square Enix’s new RPG, Guardian Codex, is now available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Mobile RPGs get a bit of a rough ride but Guardian Codex – despite being free-to-play, with all that entails – looks like being cut above the usual spreadsheet management fare.

Created by the team behind the popular card games Guardian Cross and Deadman’s CrossGuardian Codex features an impressive graphical sheen, multiplayer battles that support four players, and a sizeable single player story.

Cast in the role of resistance agents, players are sent into the virtual “Codex” where they must find and capture the legendary Guardians. Thee customisable teams of Guardians are used to battle the waves of enemies within the Codex and are used in multiplayer mode with up to three other players.

Interest in Guardian Codex has been high with over 300,000 players registering prior to launch. To mark its release Square Enix are giving away a 4-Star Banshee Guardian, 6,000 Codex Credits, and five Magic Stones (III) to everyone who downloads the game. How generous.

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A special login promotion will also begin on 6th November that gives players additional Codex Credits for each day they log into the game. How very generous.

Guardian Codex is available on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

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