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Square Enix’s multiplayer RPG, Guardian Codex, gets a big new update.

The 1.1.0 update adds an extended storyline, co-op multiplayer enhancements, and visual tweaks to the popular mobile role-playing game.

Set in world split between the Empire and Resistance forces, Guardian Codex casts players as agents sent on a mission into the virtual “Codex”. Players can battle together in multiplayer teams against Empire forces.

Guardian Codex is another quiet mobile success story for Square Enix, having amassed over 1 million players as of last November, although it’s perhaps no surprise given the game liberally pilfers from the likes of Final Fantasy, Star Wars and The Matrix.

Guardian Codex 1.10 update contents

  • Additional story content – Two narrative expanding scenarios which unlock after the completion of specific in-game events.
  • Improved recruitment screen – The multiplayer recruitment screen now display much more information including Guardians strength, in-game progress, magic stone enhancement values, equipment info and trophy details
  • Gear ranks – Design tweak to improve clarity around equipment quality.  Main and sub slots for equipped gear are shown with a  five-step scale ranging from S to D, with the overall rank value displayed next to the combined total for each of the slot effects.
  • Trophy system – Acquired trophies can be viewed on the new Home Screen
  • Home Screen – Player guide, Lynn, now appears on the Home screen

Guardian Codex is available to download for free from the iTunes Store and Google Play.

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