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The Hitman Beta is coming to PlayStation 4 on 12th February 2016.

The mission – which Square Enix curiously describes as ‘extremely unique’ –  is set twenty years ago at a top-secret ICA recruitment and training facility.

Among the treats in store are new details on how Agent 47 joins the ICA, plus his first meeting with long-time handler, Diana Burnwood. The Play the Beginning trailer also shows that Agent 47 has a nice sense of winter style too.

Looks promising, this one.

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/Mzhg4bpMrD8″ autoplay=”no”]

The Hitman Beta will arrive on PlayStation 4 on February 12th 2016 with PC access following on February 19th. Guaranteed access is via pre-order, naturally.

Speaking of which, you can pre-order Hitman from Amazon now.

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